_photo by: Birgitte ♥ © Sunniva Halstensen

I did my best gig ever last night. Benjamin, Bjørn and I was Eline Thorp's support on the concert she had yesterday, and it went so well. We played three songs, "Weight of the World", "Easier said than done" and  "Eyes of Pain" - two new songs and one old. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to play these songs with the best bassist and drummer I could ever imagine. I'm so excited to continue writing and playing and rehearsing and everything now! Especially after I saw Hedvig Mollestad Trio last thursday on Sinus. It was amazing! I'm officially a huge fan of Hedvig, ahhh, loved her. 

Sunniva Halstensen.

Du mamma mi

Mammaen min er mor til meg og min søster. De er de to viktigste kvinnene i mitt liv.

Mammaen min liker Keiservarden. Her er hun på vei opp i år 2008, samme veien hun gikk da som hun går nå. 

Mammaen min er forelsket. Her er mamma og hennes lovende forlovede.

Mammaen min er sporty, så hun tok meg med på sykkeltur i Normandie, Frankrike, i fjor sommer.

Mammaen min er så fin at hun kunne vært modell.

Mammaen min er søt når hun sover. I jentekollektivet hadde vi en katt som likte å sove middagshvil med mamma,
det gjorde jeg også da jeg var liten.

Mammaen min liker bær. Det gjør jeg også. Her er mamma med meg og plukker blåbær. Jeg foretrekker
å spise dem, framfor å plukke dem. Derfor er det fint å ha en så flink blåbærplukker som mamma.

Mammaen min er så musikalsk at det har smittet over på meg. Her har jeg tatt et supersexy, long distance "vind-
i-håret-bilde" av henne på ei strand i Lithauen, der vi var på kortur for mange år siden. Hun er en flink dirigent og
sanger og organist og pianist og musiker og lektor i kirkemusikk.

Mammaen min smiler mye. Derfor gjør jeg det også. Kanskje er det derfor jeg begynte å ta så mye bilder, fordi jeg
måtte fotografere det fine smilet hennes.

Mammaen min er så viktig for meg at jeg ikke kan se for meg et liv uten henne. Det er så uvirkelig at jeg tenker at
det ikke går an at hun ikke skulle hatt den rollen hun har i livet mitt. Derfor tar jeg henne kanskje for gitt, men jeg
skal alltid ha nattaklem når jeg legger meg. Og så sier jeg at jeg er glad i henne, og hun sier at hun er glad i meg.
Det er jeg glad for.

Mammaen min er snill fordi hun skjønner hvor glad jeg er i Frankrike, og har tatt meg med dit to ganger allerede.
I sommer betaler hun mye for at jeg skal få være der på språkkursreise i fire uker, og da kommer jeg til å savne
henne. Da blir det ekstra godt å se henne igjen når jeg kommer hjem igjen.

Sulla meg litt, du mamma mi. Skal du få snor på trøya di. Vil du ha gul eller vil du ha blå?
Vil du ha blanke skal du det få, på trøya di, du mamma mi.



Thank You For The Music

_pictures from my one time dispensable camera

I remember my last years birthdaypresent. It was my beloved el-guitar. I wonder how different my life would have been if it wasn't for that gift. I can do nothing but thank those who gave me the best gift I could have got, at the exact right time of my life. If they hadn't given it to me, who knows? Maybe I wouldn't go to school everyday knowing I had the music to cheer me up, make me feel good about myself and who I am as a person. Maybe I'd never get to know all the fantastic people I've met so often in the "music-hallway", the past six months. Who also cheer me up and makes me feel good. I'd say thank you for the music, for giving it to me. (don't worry, I won't continue quoting ABBA's lyrics. But it is true, though.)




Sunniva Halstensen.


_Roses and snow/the bus

_photo/edit by me © 2013

I love living so close to the city. Not having to take the bus all the time like most people I know, is perhaps the best thing. Allthough I sometimes wish I could take the bus more often. What better place is there than on the bus when you want to just sit and do nothing, listen to music, maybe check instagram and look at inspiring pictures on your phone or something. Just trying to make time go faster so you can reach your destination point as soon as possible. That's the thing about sitting on the bus, there's nothing you can do to make time go any faster. There is no reason feeling guilty about all the things you should've done. Chores, homework and so on, it has to wait until you're home. All you can do is sit and wait for the right bus stop. Suddenly you see someone you know and you talk all the way home. You can end up meeting people you wouldn't neccessarily have talked to, if it wasn't for that bus you both took. Or someone you used to talk to all the time, that you haven't had the chance to see lately. The memories you remember, all the laughs and jokes you had together. Moments like that is what buses are for. No rush, no distractions. Just people waiting for their bus stop, so they can continue on with their busy lives. As if a bus trip is an inevitable break in an other wise stressful day. At least for those who have to take the bus.

Sunniva Halstensen.

_red blue red blue_________________ still waiting for snow to fall_____

_photo/edit by me © Photos from November 2013


When you're still waiting for the snow to fall

It doesn't really feel like Christmas at all


Those Christmas lights light up the street

Maybe they'll bring him back to me

Then all my troubles will be gone

Oh Christmas lights, keep shining on


Oh, Christmas lights light up the street

Light up the fireworks in me

May all your troubles soon be gone

Those Christmas lights keep shining on


Still waiting for the snow to fall
It doesn't really feel like *winter at all

- Coldplay 


_Make up your mind_______________________

_make up inspiration

Let's say I'll be famous one day. In the age of 25, touring with my band, playing on my el-guitar (and I'll be good at it), singing my songs and have fun with it as long as it lasts. Am I willing to do what it takes? Yes. Will I have fun while doing it? Yes. 

I remember the concert Sigur Rós had in November in Oslo. It was almost like a show, everything was planned down to the very last detail. The music of course was great, I've listened to them for as many years as I can remember. But the things that made it almost look like a show were these lightbulbs on the stage and the film that went on in the background. The thing about the lightbulbs was that as the music changed, their brightness changed as well. When they played the light followed their sounds. I had never seen anything like it. And the film. Ah, it was so beautiful. I admired the ideas behind the shootings of the films and the editing, wishing I had made it all myself. Moments and beautiful details, so well put together to be flashed in front of us on the widest screen I had ever seen.

What if I could have a show like that some day? Wouldn't that be amazing? I started thinking about it when I saw these pictures. As an artist on stage you can do whatever you want and no one can say anything. One thing is the stage and all, but just think about the make up and clothing! I especially liked the silver makeup on the last image. Who knows, maybe I'll try it out on stage some day?

Let's say I'll be a famous musician one day. Just the thought of it makes me excited.


Sunniva Halstensen.

_Things_to_do_________________ before_breakfast______________

Relax;the mountain will come to you


_by me/Eivind Imingen

The sAme day as the pictures from my last post with the pictures of Eivind. After a deep christmas-dive cleaning and organizing my massive (and messy) archive with all of my pictures, I've found so many images I want to share with you. Among them these pictures, from that day. I remember thinking everything was gonna turn out just fine. I still think things will be allright, just in a different way. Things have changed since that day. For better and for worse, which is a natural side of living I guess. I hope things will continue to change.

Sunniva Halstensen.



One of my best days last year was this autumn day. Me and two of my bandguys, Eivind and Bjørn, were walking around, talking, taking pictures, talking some more (with a cat) and we ended up taking a few rounds in our local bowling hall down town. Hope I'll have days like that this year as well.

Sunniva Halstensen.

The eyes that see

▲ To wake up before everyone else, starting the day in silence
▲ Taking a swim while everyone else is still sleeping, watching the sun rise over the horizon
▲ Taking a powernap but still listening to the voices around you
▲ Going to fleamarkets in foreign countries
▲ Holding your cat's newly born kittens when they're so small they haven't even opened their eyes yet
▲ My mom's perfect chocolatecake with strawberries and natural yoghurt on the side

▲ Pretty girls who doesn't know who I am giving me compliments
▲ Doing what you love in your own tempo. So slowly and so lovely
▲ When you just can't put down the book your reading because you have to know what happens next
▲ Listening to my mom playing piano and singing that song she always sings
▲ Feeling like everything will be alright, that things will be sorted out somehow sooner or later
▲ Taking a day off from your cellphone. Just putting it away, not distracting yourself with Mac or iPad in stead. Doing something that wouldn't necessarily require electronic equipment, not feeling addicted hopefully

▲ The smell of new sheets
▲ Falling asleep the second you lie down on your bed for the night
▲ Waking up in the middle of the night, going for a walk and you end up taking one of your best shots with your camera as you somehow capture the sun rising
▲ Sunshine coming through your window in a way you've never seen it before
▲ Taking that glass of cold water after almost dying of thirst
▲ Playing something on your guitar that you just made up, that you really like
▲ Listening to one of your favorite bands playing live right in front of you, with your eyes closed to take it all in and forgetting the people around you. You feel that good feeling in your body, and you just can't help but smiling.

It's all about the eyes that see. No matter what actually happens, it's only your perspective of your experience of what happened that counts. So you can choose if you want the little things to matter or you can continue searching for the big goals and try to fulfill everyone's expectations. Allow your worries to come and go, most importantly the letting go-part. Allow yourself to live. Life is not supposed to be easy, noone can say that life would be better that way. First of all we have to learn how to deal with always having problems and challenges. 'Cause they'll always be some, so worrying might not always be the best way to solve things. Listen to your body and do things because your you wants to, not because it has to, but because you choose to do them. Do them when you feel that you have the extra energy, and try to measure your days not counting failures, but maybe whether or not you did anyone any harm.
Today: 0
= Ah, couldn't be better, haha.

For me my number one communication priority must be not making anyone feel stupid in my company. Suits me well when my teabag told me this: "Perfection is not harming anybody"
Maybe my teabag was right. I choose to let my perspective be affected by the teabag-quote and I'll try to let the perfectionist in me be less worried about success and failure. I choose to see that as a good thing and I'll try not to think so much for the rest of this day. My poor head, overthinking and analyzing everything. Where's your mute button?

▲Sunniva Halstensen

Time challenge


Tomorrow I've got danceclass so I have to get up so I'll be ready in time. Wouldn't it be great if I for once could make it on time...? I know I'm not the only one experiencing this bad habit of arriving too late, but I know there are some people that aare never too late - maybe even always too early. Shouldn't I be able to do that too? Guess I'll just keep trying, hmm.


Time for bed, though I wonder how it'll go since my foot is totally asleep.. 

Sunniva Halstensen.


Le roi du rue

Breakfast, the King's street and a white summer dress too small for me to wear now.


Sunniva Halstensen.

Don't think

- Place thoughts here -

Summer bag relief





I <3 polyworedreaming..


Valön, Sweden summer 2013

Valön, Sweden spring 2013

A taste of some of the photoshoots you'll see more of in the nearest future. The sun is shining outside my house, so in just a few seconds I'll shut of ABBA and my mother's mac. Time to hit the shower and get something out of this beautiful day. Why are they so easy to waste? haha. Today's #1 plan is to conquer this mountain called Keiservarden, one of my favorite nature spots. Hope your day is as good as mine! Ah, I think I love the sun a bit. Just a bit.

Sunniva Halstensen.



I know I'm lucky to have such good people around me. I feel like a child again when my grandfather calls me his princess, before he crushes me with his hugs. I'm so glad to be his granddaughter!

What a wonderful weekend it has been!

Looking like John Lennon

Sunglasses Secondhand / bikinitop H&M / skirt from France / shoes Bianco / bag from Paris

Late night, but at least I've already got some sleep napping on the couch. On TV the film Wolverine just ended, could not go to bed once I started watching! I always get so emotionally involved that I cry almost every time I see a movie, haha.

Time to get some more sleep, can't believe how late it is now! Why did I start watching the X factor USA? Haha, I'm hopeless...

Good night! (Good morning...)

Pretty things

Spending my days at home atm, trying to do all those things I haven't prioritated all year. There is no wsy I will be able to do all of them, that would require self-discipline way over my level!


You could say this is just another blog about fashion and the life of a teenage girl, but in that case I would choose to disagree with you. I'm not like every other girl out there. I have my own life, filled with days like noone else's. I know, it's not exactly mindblowing that a girl is blogging about fashion, photography, music and all the other things she likes. Still, I stand by my opinion. I choose to believe that I can show you more than just another blog. I suggest you start scrolling further down here on my blog (after you've read this looong post of course), in stead of me telling you what you can read about.. Those words alone will not be able to give you the right impression of my blog, I guess!

Assuming you might already have figured out her name, the girl behind it all is calls herself Sunniva Halstensen. She was once born in Bergen, Norway, the month of March, day 21, year 1996. She has been living in Bodø (north of Norway) almost all her life, and is also spending a lot of her time in Oslo, with family she has there.

Other than that her life is mostly about what the future will hold, trying to find time for the things she loves to do. With a messy mind (in a messy world..) her days wanders around her little bubble of problems and worries, and every day she tries really hard to change for the better. Although she has goals like being "liked by everyone else", "eating less and looking like all of the girls on instagram", "never think a negative thought", "always be a good girl who does what everyone expects of her", "trying to get her lists of all the things she should have done, completed" and so on, she also knows that that is not what she wants. If she could be herself, be positive, believe that she is good enough, care less, accept her faults and the struggles she faces, she knows things would be just fine. Probably better than if she would just long for the first goals that were mentioned above. It's incredibly hard not to be affected by what everything around us tells us to think. "How to look", "what to do", "to be perfect", blablabla. Well, perfection is a flaw, we will never reach perfection no matter how hard we want to - so why wish for it? Will things be better then? Will the world get a totally different view? Can you use your perfection to do something you can't do now? Agree with me on this: the intense craving for "perfection" coming from all sorts of media and from the society around us, should be stopped. We know it won't go away today or tomorrow, but hopefully one day the pressure will begin to fade. We should be allowed to be who we are, no judging. We should be allowed to live our own lives!

This is an example of things she thinks a lot about. These and all the other thousand thoughts she has in her mind. Maybe this blog is a way for her to empty her mind a little? That way she can make room for the things she wants to do, in stead of just thinking of how much she wants to do them.

♥ She loves music. She loves photography. She loves dancing. She loves clothing. She loves France. She loves to do things her own way. She loves the light and the sun. She loves food. She loves herself, she loves you, and you should do too ♥ cliché much.. haha



Venting og antrekk

Antrekk frå langt tilbake, på denne tia i fjor kanskje. Jakka er vintage, smykket frå Topshop, genser fra hm,
sko er converse, sekk er arva frå søstra mi og skjerf frå Monkii.

Ventar på nye tider. Midlertidige telefon, du skal få ligge så fint i søpla når min nye Iphone er i mine hender ♥



Eg kjem til å skrive feil. Det er ingen stor overrasking om du ikkje liker det, men eg kjem frå no av til å skrive norsk på bloggen min. Du kallar det kanskje nynorsk, men eg vil kalle det norsk. Skriv kvifor seinare ein gong. Uansett, kvifor skal eg ikkje kunne skrive på den måten som faktisk er mest lik mi eiga dialekt? Eg vil vere stolt over at eg er norsk, og derfor vil eg heller ikkje skjule uttala mi. Haha, foredraget i norsktimen i dag gjorde visst inntrykk på meg.

Kvifor skal ein ikkje kunne seie meininga si om ting? Eg vil blogge om mote og foto, kanskje eg også skal skrive meir om meiningene mine. Kva så om enkelte ikkje er enige med meg, dette er bloggen min og viss eg vil skrive artiklar med sidemål som språk og ikkje bokmål så er det ingen som kan stoppe meg. Det er ingenting eg er like lei av som dei uformelle normene i Noreg. Det er få ting eg er meir i mot enn Janteloven. "Du skal ikkje tru du er noe", er jo berre løgn. Som om vi ikkje er noe? Vi er alle heilt forskjellige, det vet vi jo. Eg vil vise kven eg er.

No må eg forberede meg til ei geoprøva.. Alltid morosamt. (Måtte berre bruke det ordet..) 



Vintage effect

Året 2012 i følge engangskameraet mitt.



Muscle museum



Can you see that I am needing

beggin for so much more

than you could ever give

I don't want you to adore me

don't want you to ignore me

when it pleases you

I'll do it on my own

I'll do it on my own


hei du.



Darling, don't get over me, get under me in stead.

_private bilder

Jeg har ikke blogget på altfor lenge. Har mange bilder på lager nå, bare så det er sagt. For de som venter på bilder fra Pias ballettforestilling advarer jeg dere mot min ueffktivitet. Det kan ta en liten stund, men jeg kan gjerne bli minnet på det! Jeg håper bare alt ordner seg. Jeg må huske earth hour i kveld, viktigviktig. Nå er det påskeferie, wihuu.

Dagens blogupdate fra badet - check.






Future Favorites #1 . . . Tv-Series To Watch Fall 2012 ~ Part One!

It's monday tomorrow.

jeg gjør for lite og tenker for mye. 



It's not too hard


I'm not totally useless. I can be used as a bad example.




There's a story for every wrong


source: tumblr
last photo: by me




Noen juleønsker

Wishes #1


Wishes #1 by sunnivah featuring nike



18, Bodø

Sunniva, Bodø/Norway.

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