The eyes that see

▲ To wake up before everyone else, starting the day in silence
▲ Taking a swim while everyone else is still sleeping, watching the sun rise over the horizon
▲ Taking a powernap but still listening to the voices around you
▲ Going to fleamarkets in foreign countries
▲ Holding your cat's newly born kittens when they're so small they haven't even opened their eyes yet
▲ My mom's perfect chocolatecake with strawberries and natural yoghurt on the side

▲ Pretty girls who doesn't know who I am giving me compliments
▲ Doing what you love in your own tempo. So slowly and so lovely
▲ When you just can't put down the book your reading because you have to know what happens next
▲ Listening to my mom playing piano and singing that song she always sings
▲ Feeling like everything will be alright, that things will be sorted out somehow sooner or later
▲ Taking a day off from your cellphone. Just putting it away, not distracting yourself with Mac or iPad in stead. Doing something that wouldn't necessarily require electronic equipment, not feeling addicted hopefully

▲ The smell of new sheets
▲ Falling asleep the second you lie down on your bed for the night
▲ Waking up in the middle of the night, going for a walk and you end up taking one of your best shots with your camera as you somehow capture the sun rising
▲ Sunshine coming through your window in a way you've never seen it before
▲ Taking that glass of cold water after almost dying of thirst
▲ Playing something on your guitar that you just made up, that you really like
▲ Listening to one of your favorite bands playing live right in front of you, with your eyes closed to take it all in and forgetting the people around you. You feel that good feeling in your body, and you just can't help but smiling.

It's all about the eyes that see. No matter what actually happens, it's only your perspective of your experience of what happened that counts. So you can choose if you want the little things to matter or you can continue searching for the big goals and try to fulfill everyone's expectations. Allow your worries to come and go, most importantly the letting go-part. Allow yourself to live. Life is not supposed to be easy, noone can say that life would be better that way. First of all we have to learn how to deal with always having problems and challenges. 'Cause they'll always be some, so worrying might not always be the best way to solve things. Listen to your body and do things because your you wants to, not because it has to, but because you choose to do them. Do them when you feel that you have the extra energy, and try to measure your days not counting failures, but maybe whether or not you did anyone any harm.
Today: 0
= Ah, couldn't be better, haha.

For me my number one communication priority must be not making anyone feel stupid in my company. Suits me well when my teabag told me this: "Perfection is not harming anybody"
Maybe my teabag was right. I choose to let my perspective be affected by the teabag-quote and I'll try to let the perfectionist in me be less worried about success and failure. I choose to see that as a good thing and I'll try not to think so much for the rest of this day. My poor head, overthinking and analyzing everything. Where's your mute button?

▲Sunniva Halstensen

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