_by me/Eivind Imingen

The sAme day as the pictures from my last post with the pictures of Eivind. After a deep christmas-dive cleaning and organizing my massive (and messy) archive with all of my pictures, I've found so many images I want to share with you. Among them these pictures, from that day. I remember thinking everything was gonna turn out just fine. I still think things will be allright, just in a different way. Things have changed since that day. For better and for worse, which is a natural side of living I guess. I hope things will continue to change.

Sunniva Halstensen.

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Sindre Alexander Ellingsen
Flotte bilder! <3
04.01.2014, 16:36

Sindre Ellingsen: Tusen takk, snille du <3
04.01.2014, 17:02

Elise B
Herregud bildan dine e så kule! Det e liksom hele pakken med fotograferinga og redigeringa som gjør dem så fine :) Elske det du gjorde med nummer 3!
04.01.2014, 22:05

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