januar 2014

_Roses and snow/the bus

_photo/edit by me 2013

I love living so close to the city. Not having to take the bus all the time like most people I know, is perhaps the best thing. Allthough I sometimes wish I could take the bus more often. What better place is there than on the bus when you want to just sit and do nothing, listen to music, maybe check instagram and look at inspiring pictures on your phone or something. Just trying to make time go faster so you can reach your destination point as soon as possible. That's the thing about sitting on the bus, there's nothing you can do to make time go any faster. There is no reason feeling guilty about all the things you should've done. Chores, homework and so on, it has to wait until you're home. All you can do is sit and wait for the right bus stop. Suddenly you see someone you know and you talk all the way home. You can end up meeting people you wouldn't neccessarily have talked to, if it wasn't for that bus you both took. Or someone you used to talk to all the time, that you haven't had the chance to see lately. The memories you remember, all the laughs and jokes you had together. Moments like that is what buses are for. No rush, no distractions. Just people waiting for their bus stop, so they can continue on with their busy lives. As if a bus trip is an inevitable break in an other wise stressful day. At least for those who have to take the bus.

Sunniva Halstensen.

_red blue red blue_________________ still waiting for snow to fall_____

_photo/edit by me Photos from November 2013


When you're still waiting for the snow to fall

It doesn't really feel like Christmas at all


Those Christmas lights light up the street

Maybe they'll bring him back to me

Then all my troubles will be gone

Oh Christmas lights, keep shining on


Oh, Christmas lights light up the street

Light up the fireworks in me

May all your troubles soon be gone

Those Christmas lights keep shining on


Still waiting for the snow to fall
It doesn't really feel like *winter at all

- Coldplay 


_Make up your mind_______________________

_make up inspiration

Let's say I'll be famous one day. In the age of 25, touring with my band, playing on my el-guitar (and I'll be good at it), singing my songs and have fun with it as long as it lasts. Am I willing to do what it takes? Yes. Will I have fun while doing it? Yes.

I remember the concert Sigur Rs had in November in Oslo. It was almost like a show, everything was planned down to the very last detail. The music of course was great, I've listened to them for as many years as I can remember. But the things that made it almost look like a show were these lightbulbs on the stage and the film that went on in the background. The thing about the lightbulbs was that as the music changed, their brightness changed as well. When they played the light followed their sounds. I had never seen anything like it. And the film. Ah, it was so beautiful. I admired the ideas behind the shootings of the films and the editing, wishing I had made it all myself. Moments and beautiful details, so well put together to be flashed in front of us on the widest screen I had ever seen.

What if I could have a show like that some day? Wouldn't that be amazing? I started thinking about it when I saw these pictures. As an artist on stage you can do whatever you want and no one can say anything. One thing is the stage and all, but just think about the make up and clothing! I especially liked the silver makeup on the last image. Who knows, maybe I'll try it out on stage some day?

Let's say I'll be a famous musician one day. Just the thought of it makes me excited.

Sunniva Halstensen.

_Things_to_do_________________ before_breakfast______________

Relax;the mountain will come to you


_by me/Eivind Imingen

The sAme day as the pictures from my last post with the pictures of Eivind. After a deep christmas-dive cleaning and organizing my massive (and messy) archive with all of my pictures, I've found so many images I want to share with you. Among them these pictures, from that day. I remember thinking everything was gonna turn out just fine. I still think things will be allright, just in a different way. Things have changed since that day. For better and for worse, which is a natural side of living I guess. I hope things will continue to change.

Sunniva Halstensen.



One of my best days last year was this autumn day. Me and two of my bandguys, Eivind and Bjrn, were walking around, talking, taking pictures, talking some more (with a cat) and we ended up taking a few rounds in our local bowling hall down town. Hope I'll have days like that this year as well.

Sunniva Halstensen.