juli 2013

Don't think

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Summer bag relief



I <3 polyworedreaming..



Valn, Sweden spring 2013

The sun is shining outside my house, so in just a few seconds I'll shut of ABBA and my mother's mac. Time to hit the shower and get something out of this beautiful day. Why are they so easy to waste? haha. Today's #1 plan is to conquer this mountain called Keiservarden, one of my favorite nature spots. Hope your day is as good as mine! Ah, I think I love the sun a bit. Just a bit.

Sunniva Halstensen.



I know I'm lucky to have such good people around me. I feel like a child again when my grandfather calls me his princess, before he crushes me with his hugs. I'm so glad to be his granddaughter!

What a wonderful weekend it has been!

Looking like John Lennon

Sunglasses Secondhand / bikinitop H&M / skirt from France / shoes Bianco / bag from Paris

Late night, but at least I've already got some sleep napping on the couch. On TV the film Wolverine just ended, could not go to bed once I started watching! I always get so emotionally involved that I cry almost every time I see a movie, haha.

Time to get some more sleep, can't believe how late it is now! Why did I start watching the X factor USA? Haha, I'm hopeless...

Good night! (Good morning...)

Pretty things

Spending my days at home atm, trying to do all those things I haven't prioritated all year. There is no wsy I will be able to do all of them, that would require self-discipline way over my level!


You could say this is just another blog about fashion and the life of a teenage girl, but in that case I would choose to disagree with you. I'm not like every other girl out there. I have my own life, filled with days like noone else's. I know, it's not exactly mindblowing that a girl is blogging about fashion, photography, music and all the other things she likes. Still, I stand by my opinion. I choose to believe that I can show you more than just another blog. I suggest you start scrolling further down here on my blog (after you've read this looong post of course), in stead of me telling you what you can read about.. Those words alone will not be able to give you the right impression of my blog, I guess!

Assuming you might already have figured out her name, the girl behind it all is calls herself Sunniva Halstensen. She was once born in Bergen, Norway, the month ofMarch, day 21, year 1996. She has been living in Bod (north of Norway) almost all her life, and is also spending a lot of her time in Oslo, with family she has there.

Other than that her life is mostly about what the future will hold, trying to find time for the things she loves to do. With a messy mind (in a messy world..) her days wanders around her little bubble of problems and worries, and every day she tries really hard to change for the better. Although she has goals like being "liked by everyone else", "eating less and looking like all of the girls on instagram", "never think a negative thought", "always be a good girl who does what everyone expects of her", "trying to get her lists of all the things she should have done, completed" and so on, she also knows that that is not what she wants. If she could be herself, be positive, believe that she is good enough, care less, accept her faults and the struggles she faces, she knows things would be just fine. Probably better than if she would just long for the first goals that were mentioned above. It's incredibly hard not to be affected by what everything around us tells us to think. "How to look", "what to do", "to be perfect", blablabla. Well, perfection is a flaw, we will never reach perfection no matter how hard we want to - so why wish for it? Will things be better then? Will the world get a totally different view? Can you use your perfection to do something you can't do now? Agree with me on this: the intense craving for "perfection" coming from all sorts of media and from the society around us, should be stopped. We know it won't go away today or tomorrow, but hopefully one day the pressure will begin to fade. We should be allowed to be who we are, no judging. We should be allowed to live our own lives!

This is an example of things she thinks a lot about. These and all the other thousand thoughts she has in her mind. Maybe this blog is a way for her to empty her mind a little? That way she can make room for the things she wants to do, in stead of just thinking of how much she wants to do them.

♥ Shelovesmusic. She loves photography. She loves dancing. She loves clothing. She loves France. She loves to do things her own way. She loves the light and the sun. She loves food. She loves herself, she loves you, and you should do too♥ clich much.. haha